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Building 5

67 35th Street

Floor 4

Studio C400

Billy Ray Morgan, Primal Matter
  • Design
  • Furniture
  • Sculpture

Innovative, artistic, and unique furniture pieces.

Growing up in a family of metal and woodworkers, Bill Ray Morgan incorporates his maker/builder background, his former career in fashion, and his art practice in developing innovative, artistic, and unique furniture pieces. After more than ten years working in high-end fashion production and events, Morgan became frustrated with the ephemeral nature of the fashion world and set-design, and decided he needed to change careers to create more permanent works. He let go of his art studio in favor of a metal shop in Industry City, and began designing and creating pieces. Melding his love of custom motorcycle fabrication, his fashion production experience, and his sculpture making – he turned his fine art practice into a career in design.