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Building 7

33 34th Street

Floor 2

Studio 2AA

SPark Workshop Brooklyn
  • Sculpture
  • Woodworking

Co-operative membership based space for woodworking and sculpture.

Sculptor Gary Oshust runs SPark Workshop Brooklyn, a co-operative membership based work space for woodworking and sculpture. The space houses not only his studio, but it also provides space for a large number of talented people. There they create amazing works, from furniture to art in a number of mediums. Gary has worked primarily a clay sculptor for over 15 years. He apprenticed as a sculptor under Carter R Jones FNSS and studied at David Klass Sculpture. He has translated many pieces into bronze and resin. In the last few years, he has been using wood as a carving medium as well. His works run from classical still life studies that are highly detailed and lifelike to playful characters and objects full of cartoon whimsy.